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First Birthday! May 20, 2012

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Life with a *toddler* is busy!  :)  That’s right, he’s been really walking for over a month now!!  I’ll do a post with more recent updates and pictures soon, but for now, here is a belated 12 month update :)

Elliot turned 1 year old on March 15!  What incredible changes he’s gone through in just one year!  I didn’t end up doing “official” 1 year photos with a sign (oops!) but here’s one from the day he was born and then one a year later…  :)


I probably won’t be doing “monthly updates” anymore (like they were ever actually monthly!) but I will try to post every month or two still, so here’s a last “monthly update” from Elliot’s 12th month!

He’s a very serious baby! :)

Shortly after he turned 11 months old, my parents (Elliot’s Cici & Bo) came to visit and spent the night with him so Matt and I could go to the TechSmith birthday party and have our first night out without baby!  He had a great time and we got to both sleep in for a change!!  :)

“You’re so silly, Cici!”

Elliot loves books!  He’s started flipping through them himself and looking at the pictures.

Chillin’ & grillin’ at “Play.”

Speed demon!

“Some books are meant to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”
-Sir Francis Bacon

Austin is like the pied piper with his guitar

We had some unseasonably warm weather in early March so Elliot got to enjoy walks in his wagon :)

Wagons are even better with friends!

“More coffee, please!”

Elliot was pretty excited about the big box Nana sent for his birthday…

…and even more excited when a house came out of the box!

We had a little birthday part for Elliot on St. Patrick’s Day, and he got some fun presents and had a great time hanging out with family and friends. :)  The weather was (unseasonably) wonderful so we spent some time at our neighborhood park afterwards!

He loved his birthday cupcake!

First he sucked off all the icing…

…then he happily dug in!
(no there’s nothing wrong with that cupcake… it’s rainbow-colored for St. Patrick’s Day!  I got the idea here.)

I’ll do another post soon to update you all on what he’s been up to since then! :)


11 months old!! March 5, 2012

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Elliot is 11 1/2 months and will be turning 1 year old on March 15!!!  I can’t believe he’s that old already!  In some ways it seems impossible he could already be almost a year old, but in other ways it feels like it was soooo much longer than a year ago that I worked at the gallery and Matt was a grad. student and Elliot wasn’t around yet – so much has changed in the past year!

Here are 11 month photos:
It’s getting very hard to take these photos without him smashing and eating the paper so this time I just put it somewhere he couldn’t see it. :)

Here are some photos from Elliot’s 11th month:

This is one of my favorite pictures! (Taken by my friend Molly)  Elliot and his friends, Samara & Finley, playing Finley’s piano

Unfortunately we’ve all been sick off and on pretty much non-stop all winter!  Matt and Elliot were hit the hardest.  Here they are on a day when neither of them were feeling great – they sat down and watched a kid’s show on netflix for awhile while I made dinner

Our weather has been so odd this winter!  The temperature has been up and down all over the place – on comparatively warm days we’ve tried to get out of the house for some sun.  As you can tell, Elliot’s not too keen on this when he has to get all bundled up to do it.  I always tell Matt he looks like a little invalid being pushed around in the stroller with a blanket over his legs  :)

At the beginning of February we decided it was finally time for Elliot’s first haircut.  It was getting pretty shaggy…

haircut in progress…                                                                …tada!

Once we cut his hair we thought he looked so much like Matt as a baby

attempting to eat the cat… yum

more piano fun

Elliot has started snuggling lately when he’s tired and ready to go to sleep – he snuggles us, Pickles, his blanket, the floor…. anything that’s nearby :)
(in the second picture he’s snuggling Pickles in case you can’t tell)

I sewed a tie with a heart to a white onesie for him because I realized he didn’t have anything special to wear for Valentine’s Day! :)

Looking like a proper businessman with his tie and his smartphone

My next post will be about Elliot’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!  Wow!  He’ll turn one in a week and a half. :)


Belated 10 Month Update

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Whoops!  I let Elliot’s 10 month birthday slip by without a blog post… Here’s a very belated one:

10 month photos:  They didn’t turn out great because he kept wanting to play with the paper, and some of the photos are too dark because I had it on the wrong setting and couldn’t get the flash to go off.  Also I think he kind of looks like a lumberjack in this outfit!



and here are a couple of “bloopers” from our photo session:

And now, photos from Elliot’s 10th month…  It was a big one, with first teeth (4 in two weeks!), Christmas and New Years, and (unfortunately) his first real sickness (croup in mid-December and a cold off and on through most of December and January).

Elliot started feeding himself!

We spent a few days around Christmas at my parents’ house in Indianapolis and got to see the whole family!

Jeremy, Elliot, me, Reese, & Taylor on Christmas Eve at Jeremy & Lindsay’s house

Reese and Elliot sharing Elliot’s new music table

Elliot’s favorite part about the music table was definitely chewing on the drumsticks!

Elliot looks a little nervous to be sharing his wagon with a lion!

Christmas fun with Dad!

Bath time at CiCi & Bo’s

Uncle Taylor shows Elliot how to fly his new helicopter (hmm… Elliot must have been the one that crashed it… yeah…. that’s it!)

Elliot loves Christmas!!

Another laundry basket photo at 9 1/2 months!  (check back at the 7 month post for comparison photos at different ages)

Some great photos of Elliot enjoying his new “lego” blocks from Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Lindsay, & Reese

Elliot and his friend Finley have fun at Impression 5 Science Center

They both understand the importance of eating their vegetables!

All messy and ready for a bath!

Elliot got to go out in the snow again…

He wasn’t actually a huge fan of it!  (Maybe next year!)


9 months old! December 17, 2011

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Elliot is 9 months old now!

I forgot to take 9 month photos with a sign and now he’s sick :(  so he’s not up for picture taking.  Don’t worry though, it’s nothing too bad, he just has a cold and croup.  Hopefully today was the worst of it and he’ll start getting better tomorrow.  Also, all his teeth have decided that now that he’s sick it’s a great time to pop through!  I’ll get some photos when he feels better and post them.  Until then, here are some photos from Elliot’s 9th month…

We had a big snow at the end of November – the snow and ice stuck to the tree branches and weighed them down.  This was the view out our front door!

The next day I bundled Elliot up in his winter coat and a hand-me-down snowsuit to go out in the snow.  I don’t know what I expected, but he just sat there staring at me like, “so what are we doing?”  The snow suit is too big so I folded the legs up and rubber-banded the bottom of the legs closed… I guess if he’s actually going to move around in the snow at any point we’ll have to consider getting a snow suit that fits! :)

Elliot enjoyed the snow more from inside the house

I made Elliot some finger paints so he could do a Christmas art project!

We spent an afternoon at Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing with some friends.  They have a “First Impressions” room for babies and it was a hit!  We will definitely be going back there, and soon!

We went and got our Christmas tree last weekend!

Elliot approves

We got to pull the tree back on this cool cart.  This was a great Christmas tree farm, we will definitely be going back there next year!  They had a bonfire and a little hut that sold donuts and cider and hot chocolate.  It was a lot of fun.

Elliot got to help decorate the tree

He loves the Christmas tree!  He’s been pretty good about touching the tree and not grabbing.

We’ve had a great month, and we’re really looking forward to Christmas!!


8 Months (another very late post… I’m slowly catching up) December 15, 2011

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Elliot turned 9 months old today!  I can’t believe he’s 9 months old already!!  I also can’t believe how far behind I am in posting here!  So, here is an 8 month post and I will be sure to do the 9 month post before Christmas, I promise!!  Then I will be all caught up (for now…)   :)

So, Elliot turned 8 months old 1 month ago!  Here are some 8 month photos I took of him:

It’s getting harder and harder to get these photos of him because he won’t sit still!!

Finally, the elusive smile!  He smiles all the time, until I pull out the camera!

Elliot can entertain himself for a little while in the pack & play now

Here are some fun photos from Halloween!

I made Elliot a polar bear costume

We went trick-or-treating with our friends Victoria and Finley

Elliot LOVES eating now!  He eats everything we give him!  Here he is  having just finished some beets.  Matt said that was the perfect food for Halloween; Elliot looks like a zombie baby. :)

Elliot enjoys eating frozen blueberries… it’s a good thing I took his clothes off preemptively…

He’s started taking “real baths” in the big bathtub instead of his little tub.  He really likes splashing around.  At first one of us needed to hold him up because he kept trying to fall face forward!  He’s since figured out that’s not actually a good idea.

Crawling in a tube

Playing with cousin Reese.  Elliot thinks Reese is so cool!

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures of all time!  Elliot loves “flying!”

Pulling himself up……


Elliot got a kick out of being in a box!  (and poor dad looks exhausted)

And now I’m almost caught up… :)  I made sure to put lots of photos in this one to make up for how late it is.  9 month post by Christmas, I promise!!


7 months! (super-super-belated… whoops!) December 3, 2011

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So, I had this all written up and ready to post and apparently forgot to post it…whoops!  So, here it is, super late, and the (also late) 8 month post will follow very soon.

Elliot turned 7 months old on Oct. 15 –  here is an incredibly belated 7 month post :)

New developments this month…


   and sitting!

Here are some pictures from Elliot’s 7th month:

We went apple picking with some friends and Elliot loved gnawing on the apples!

We started feeding Elliot pureed fruits and vegetables but he wasn’t super interested initially – this is pretty much the reaction he would have whenever we’d give him a bite:

Here’s a laundry basket photo at 7 months!!
(with one from 4 1/2 months & one from 7 weeks for comparison)


Elliot’s 6 months old! September 21, 2011

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Elliot turned 6 months old last Thursday!  We can’t believe he’s half a year old already!!  What a milestone!  (I’m pretty sure every time I’ve posted a monthly update I’ve said “we can’t believe how old he is” but it’s so true every time!  He just keeps growing…!)


You can click to enlarge the photos – I had way too many I liked to pick just one or two!


Elliot and I spent a week in Indianapolis with Cici & Bo when Elliot turned 5 months old (while Matt was in Vancouver for work).  Here are some fun highlights from our week there:

Looking at the Chihuly glass exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum with cousin Reese

Riding a giraffe on the carousel at the Children’s Museum

Here’s Elliot wearing an outfit CiCi made when Uncle Jeremy was a baby.  It looks like Elliot agrees with Matt, that it looks a little like a dress… :)

Enjoying some rice cereal!  We first gave him some when he was about 4 1/2 months old and he sort of liked it, but wasn’t a huge fan, so we didn’t give it to him for a week or two then tried again when we were in Indy and he LOVED it!

Looking at the monkeys and sea lions at the Indianapolis Zoo!

Elliot helped CiCi hold his bottle at the zoo.  (I think those ducks in the background were his favorite animals at the zoo… go figure!)

Fun hanging out with Bo! :)

Dancing with Bo & CiCi

We got to see the mama elephant with her new baby (3 months old I think?).

While we were in Indy, Elliot got to go for a ride on Bo’s boat for the first time!

Uncle Taylor came for the weekend the day before we left!

My friend Kim Vorholt from Cincinnati came to visit for the day on Saturday with her boyfriend Chad!  Elliot had a lot of fun with Chad and Auntie Kim. :)

We had a great week!

The other great thing we did this month was to visit Matt’s family in New Jersey!  We had a great time.  See the previous post for photos!