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First Birthday! May 20, 2012

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Life with a *toddler* is busy!  :)  That’s right, he’s been really walking for over a month now!!  I’ll do a post with more recent updates and pictures soon, but for now, here is a belated 12 month update :)

Elliot turned 1 year old on March 15!  What incredible changes he’s gone through in just one year!  I didn’t end up doing “official” 1 year photos with a sign (oops!) but here’s one from the day he was born and then one a year later…  :)


I probably won’t be doing “monthly updates” anymore (like they were ever actually monthly!) but I will try to post every month or two still, so here’s a last “monthly update” from Elliot’s 12th month!

He’s a very serious baby! :)

Shortly after he turned 11 months old, my parents (Elliot’s Cici & Bo) came to visit and spent the night with him so Matt and I could go to the TechSmith birthday party and have our first night out without baby!  He had a great time and we got to both sleep in for a change!!  :)

“You’re so silly, Cici!”

Elliot loves books!  He’s started flipping through them himself and looking at the pictures.

Chillin’ & grillin’ at “Play.”

Speed demon!

“Some books are meant to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”
-Sir Francis Bacon

Austin is like the pied piper with his guitar

We had some unseasonably warm weather in early March so Elliot got to enjoy walks in his wagon :)

Wagons are even better with friends!

“More coffee, please!”

Elliot was pretty excited about the big box Nana sent for his birthday…

…and even more excited when a house came out of the box!

We had a little birthday part for Elliot on St. Patrick’s Day, and he got some fun presents and had a great time hanging out with family and friends. :)  The weather was (unseasonably) wonderful so we spent some time at our neighborhood park afterwards!

He loved his birthday cupcake!

First he sucked off all the icing…

…then he happily dug in!
(no there’s nothing wrong with that cupcake… it’s rainbow-colored for St. Patrick’s Day!  I got the idea here.)

I’ll do another post soon to update you all on what he’s been up to since then! :)


2 Responses to “First Birthday!”

  1. Cindy McGill Says:

    Thanks, Nathalie These pix are terrific–I want one of those cupcakes!

  2. Jenelle Says:

    How, how, hoW? did he turn 1 already?!?!? (I’ve been a little absent from reading blogs lately, hence the late commenting…) He is looking like such a big boy and not so much a baby anymore :) love seeing all the pictures!!!

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